The very first & only Chicago style hotdog relish

This relish combines all seven toppings – mustard, pickles, relish, tomatoes, white onions, sport peppers and celery salt – perfectly blended into one jar.

With no added sugar, high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, this topping is perfect for all diets, any sandwich or handheld snack, and of course, hotdogs. No longer will you have to hunt in the store and spend time cutting ingredients and arranging them on your hotdogs at home and at cookouts. Don’t go condimental with leftover jars of relish and sport peppers for years in your fridge. Buy Chicago style relish and have the best hotdog, every time.







What’s on a Chicago style hotdog


The original recipe for a Chicago style hotdog contains seven ingredients, aside from the dog and bun – mustard, a dill pickle spear, relish, tomato wedges, sport peppers, diced white onions and celery salt.

Our relish takes all the ingredients and combines them to make the perfect Chicago style relish, so that every bite of hotdog is the best bite. No more throwing away sport peppers, losing your pickle or forgetting ingredients at the store.




 History of the Chicago style hotdog

According to various sources, the first Chicago style hotdog was created by Fluky’s owner Abe Drexler in Chicago in 1929. Drexler owned a hotdog stand near the intersection of Maxwell & Halsted. He began selling what he called the Depression Sandwich, a frankfurter with mustard, relish, onions, pickle spear, hot peppers, lettuce and tomatoes, with a side of fries, all for five cents! Almost a century later, the tradition is still as strong as ever.