Hanson Brothers Foods

Hanson Brothers Foods was founded in 2017, but the Chicago style hotdog relish recipe dates back to 2015. In 2015, I applied to be a chef at a taco making contest. I entered the contest on a Friday, and it was to be held on a Sunday. I learned after entry that I had to make enough food to fill 400 tacos. I had about 40 hours to make something happen. I threw out the idea of slow roasted pork shoulder, pickled red onions and vegetables. I didn’t have the time nor the capacity to make something extravagant. I woke up Saturday morning and thought – Chicago style hotdog tacos! I showed up with what felt like 30 pounds of cooked and cut up hotdogs, toasted and shredded buns, mustard, pickles, relish, tomatoes, sport peppers, onions and celery salt. The reviews were mixed, and I didn’t win first place. A couple of weeks later, I made the concoction again, but this time I left out the hotdogs and the buns. I used the perfect ratio that goes on a typical ballpark dog, diced it, mixed it, and put it on top of a dog. Since 2015, the topping has been tested and perfected and is now ready for hotdogs worldwide.

Mike Hanson, founder & sandwich enthusiast

Fun Facts:

1. Hotdogs were the first food eaten on the moon.
2. Mickey Mouse’s first on-screen words, after years of being silent, were “hot dogs”.
3. In 2016, US consumers spent more than $2,400,000,000 ($2.4B) on hotdogs.
4. On average, there are 818 million hotdogs consumed in the US between Memorial Day and Labor Day.