Giving Back

We’ve partnered with Opportunity Knocks!

Pickles are a vital ingredient in our relish, and we want to help picklers when we can. That’s why we donate proceeds from sales to Knock Out Pickles, a non-profit that employees young people with intellectual and developmental challenges. Knock Out Pickles produces small batch pickles, growing the pickles on their own farm in the suburbs of Chicago, and packing them by hand. When you buy Hanson Brothers Foods products, you’re helping support the warriors at Knock Out Pickles.

More about Knock Out Pickles

“Knockout Pickles is a small batch line of farm-to-jar artisanal pickles. Knockout Pickles is social enterprise with social impact. The production, marketing, sales and distribution are all performed by young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The enterprise is an extension of Opportunity Knocks, a non-profit organization serving young people with developmental disabilities in the near west suburbs of Chicago. The purpose of any enterprise at OK is two-fold. 1. Create jobs 2. Create revenue that will help support all of our other programs. The additional purpose for this enterprise, is to craft a delicious artisanal pickle for sales in 3 markets: in the booth at festivals and events, on the shelf in a jar at local grocers and in a large bucket batch meant for the menu at local restaurants.”


See more about Opportunity Knocks and Knock Out Pickles here:

Knockout Pickles